Baghdad: Australian government office vehicles focused on, no wounds

John Smith
1 min readAug 27, 2022

An Iraqi security source declared on Friday that vehicles having a place with the Australian consulate had been designated by an unstable gadget in Baghdad, without any wounds happening.

Alsumaria TV news channel cited an anonymous source expressing: “A privately made unstable gadget put out and about promoting the Green Zone went off as a vehicle having a place with the Australian consulate in Baghdad drove by.”

The source added: “The shoot brought about harm to the security walls out and about, and to one of the vehicle tires, without creating any setbacks. Notwithstanding the impact, the Australian caravan figured out how to enter the Green Zone.”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry denounced the episode, for which no party asserted liability.

Unfamiliar Ministry representative Ahmad Al-Sahhaf reported: “The Foreign Ministry denounces the episode that hit a conciliatory tire having a place with the Australian government office in Baghdad, and no setbacks were caused.”

Al-Sahhaf added that the service: “Communicates its fortitude with the Australians and stresses its finished obligation to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and to safeguarding conciliatory staff and structures, as well as working with their work in a way that supports joint work.”