Canada and Saudi Arabia to Appoint New Ambassadors, Ending 2018 Dispute

John Smith
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Canada and Saudi Arabia have taken significant steps towards mending their diplomatic relations by agreeing to appoint new ambassadors. This move marks the end of a nearly five-year-long dispute that began in 2018. The resolution of this longstanding conflict is expected to have positive implications for both nations and open doors for renewed cooperation on various fronts.


The dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia originated in August 2018 when Canada’s then-Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, expressed concerns over the arrest of Saudi women’s rights activists. In response, Saudi Arabia swiftly expelled the Canadian ambassador, froze all new trade deals, suspended flights to Canada, and ordered Saudi students to leave Canadian universities.

Resolution and Reconciliation:

After years of strained relations, Canada and Saudi Arabia have agreed to end the dispute and restore their diplomatic ties. The recent announcement of appointing new ambassadors signals a significant step towards reconciliation. The decision was reached following extensive diplomatic efforts and constructive dialogue between the two countries.

Impact on Bilateral Relations:

The appointment of new ambassadors is expected to pave the way for improved bilateral relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia. The resumption of diplomatic ties will enable both countries to address mutual concerns, promote trade and investment, and collaborate on various shared interests such as energy, education, and healthcare. It also opens up opportunities for cultural and people-to-people exchanges, fostering a better understanding between the two nations.

Economic Implications:

The restoration of diplomatic relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia holds promising economic prospects for both countries. Saudi Arabia is an important market for Canadian exports, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, food products, and machinery. With the end of the dispute, trade relations can be revitalized, leading to increased economic cooperation and growth opportunities for businesses in both nations.

Regional Stability and Cooperation:

The resolution of the Canada-Saudi Arabia dispute contributes to regional stability in the Middle East. Both countries play significant roles in the region and have a shared interest in addressing regional challenges, including security, counterterrorism, and stability. Restored diplomatic ties facilitate increased dialogue and cooperation on these issues, promoting peace and stability in the region.


The decision to appoint new ambassadors by Canada and Saudi Arabia marks the end of a nearly five-year-long dispute that had strained their diplomatic relations. This move highlights the willingness of both countries to rebuild ties and re-engage in constructive dialogue. The restoration of diplomatic relations holds immense potential for fostering cooperation in various areas, including trade, investment, culture, and regional stability. It is an important step towards building a stronger and mutually beneficial relationship between Canada and Saudi Arabia in the years to come.



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