Hezbollah pioneer says ‘parties’ try to drag Lebanon into common conflict

John Smith
2 min readAug 5, 2021


Hezbollah pioneer Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday blamed certain gatherings for trying to drag Lebanon into a common conflict, Anadolu Agency detailed.

“We won’t go where the adversary needs (to a common conflict),” Nasrallah said in his first remark on conflicts that occurred in the Khaldeh region, south of the capital Beirut, on Sunday following the killing of a Hezbollah official.

Nasrallah, notwithstanding, didn’t name these gatherings.

The conflicts between individuals from the Shia gathering and Sunni tribesmen emitted after Hezbollah individuals were trapped during the burial service of Ali Shibli, one of the gathering’s chiefs. Shibli was killed on July 31 on the grounds of vengeance.

Sunni tribesmen blame Shibli for killing one of their family members a year prior after a question.

Nasrallah said his gathering would not like to “squander” blood, saying he knows about those “who try to acquire weapons to battle us.”

He referred to Saudi Arabia’s detainment of previous Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri as an endeavor by the oil-rich nation to “light a common conflict” in Lebanon.

There was no remark from Saudi Arabia on Nasrallah’s cases.

In late 2017, Lebanon authoritatively blamed Saudi Arabia for keeping Hariri, regardless of Riyadh’s dissents. Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the time considered Hariri’s detainment an “antagonistic demonstration.”



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