Israel bans citizens from repairing cars in occupied West Bank

John Smith
1 min readNov 28, 2022

The Israeli occupation authorities have banned Israeli car owners from having their vehicles repaired at workshops owned and run by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Those who ignore the ban face heavy fines and even prison sentences.

Justifying the ban, the Israeli police said that entering the West Bank “might pose a threat to Israeli drivers and make their cars targets for terrorists [sic].” Neither the work done nor the spare parts used are safe, claimed the police.

According to Arab48, the ban is aimed primarily at Palestinian citizens of Israel who use West Bank workshops for repairs primarily because it is cheaper than getting the work done within the occupation state.

Israeli occupation forces are reported to have raided several Palestinian car repair workshops in the occupied West Bank and inspected them to make sure that there are no Israeli-registered vehicles being repaired.