Lebanon: Israel’s exercises in the contested sea zone weaken security circumstance

John Smith
2 min readJun 6, 2022

Lebanese Minister of National Defense, Maurice Selim, yesterday cautioned that Israeli exercises in the contested oceanic zone decay the security in the south, Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA) revealed.

Selim said that the Israeli exercises in the “contested region in southern Lebanon comprise a test and an incitement to Lebanon and an outrageous infringement of the solidness in the southern piece of the country.”

“Once more Israel denies every single global regulation and standard, and is attempting to make a done deal on the Lebanese boundaries, particularly as it impedes the endeavors applied to continue converses with delineating the southern oceanic lines.”

Selim approached the global-local area and the UN to “move rapidly to end the restored Israeli practices and to apply worldwide goals to keep away from any security crumbling nearby, which will sabotage the dependability of the entire district.”

The contested region is assessed at 860 square kilometers, as per a guide enrolled with the United Nations in 2011. In 2020, Lebanon requested an extra area of 1,430 square kilometers, taking note that the contested region isn’t 860 square kilometers, yet 2,290 square kilometers. Israel dismissed this proposition and stopped the US intervening talks.

The Karish gas field contains 1.4 trillion cubic feet of demonstrated and likely gas and this could be a distinct advantage for Lebanon, which is experiencing an ongoing and tight monetary emergency.