Somalia says top Al-Shabaab officer killed in a joint activity

John Smith
1 min readOct 3, 2022

A top leader of the Al-Shabaab psychological oppressor bunch has been killed in a joint activity by the Somali military and worldwide accomplice powers, Somali specialists said on late Sunday, Anadolu News Organization reports.

“Abdullahi Nadir, a top head of Al shabab fear mongers, needed by Somali government for quite a while has been killed in an activity”, the Data Service said on Twitter.

As per the Somali Public News Organization, Nadir, who was otherwise called Abdullahi Yare and had a $3 million US abundance on his head, was one of the prime supporters of Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-connected dread gathering.

The Service said the activity was mutually directed on 1 October by the Somali armed force and worldwide security accomplices in Haramka town in the southern Center Jubba locale.

Al-Shabaab has pursued a lethal mission against the Somali government and global powers beginning around 2007.

The Al-Qaeda-connected dread gathering is yet to remark on Nadir’s demise.