South Sudan captures speculate who had fake cash machines

John Smith
2 min readNov 12, 2021


The public safety office in South Sudan captured a suspect, Thursday, who had a machine used to print fake cash.

Public Safety Services Director for Public Relations, David John Kumuri, said the male suspect was captured in one of the inns in Juba and he had illicit money worth $111,000.

“The observation group today has effectively figured out how to catch a machine for printing fake dollars and one hundred and eleven thousand dollars,” Kumuri told columnists.

It follows the capture last seven-day stretch of two outsiders and 12 South Sudanese nationals who had counterfeit notes worth $93 million and 400,000 South Sudanese pounds.

Kumuri didn’t interface the speculate captured Thursday to the 14 who were captured before yet said papers for printing fake notes were brought from East Africa to South Sudan.

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“This machine has been utilized by lawbreakers to print fake dollars, and today we need to illuminate the public that the public safety has captured a machine for printing fake dollars,” he said. “We can’t uncover the name of this wrongdoing since it is exceptionally delicate, yet very soon we will unveil the character of these lawbreakers once the examination is finished.”

He said that there are other fake machines in Juba.

“This isn’t the main machine. I’m certain there are many machines since, in such a case that you see the quantity of the dollars we caught last week, it was 93 million dollars and already we likewise gathered 2 million dollars,” said Kumuri.



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